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How To Build A Website

This Google Age of the internet has extended the list of requirements needed by modern websites. With millions of websites being created everyday, websites and their makers have to do a lot more today to catch some attention. Couple this with Google becoming the virtual glasses through which people look at the internet, and being featured in the top ten results becomes the highest priority of website makers. But this is not easy and it is further made difficult by the route you choose to create your website. Any small misstep and you could find yourself in the dark trenches of internet which starts from the 2nd page of Google search results. But all hope is not lost. A revolutionary website builder has stepped up to champion the efforts of those who are not technical whizkids or those who don’t have deep pockets. Enter MakeAnySite. (www.makeanysite.com)
1. SaaS : MakeAnySite is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, concentrated on providing customers with a complete website builder. What’s interesting to note here is that the On-line site builder is completely free, as are the over 1000 themes you can choose for your website. The only cost incurred by the user is the web-hosting space for the website, which is priced very aggressively.
2. Integrated Development : MakeAnySite is probably the only website builder on the planet which gives a all-in-one feature list. Any website can be created from scratch to final completion in a single place at MakeAnySite. From a surprising but most welcome free lifetime domain ownership offer, to creating a full-blown eCommerce website, everything under the sun is covered. Also, websites made using MakeAnySite have no issue with scalability, a problem many amateur web entrepreneurs face when their websites take off.
3. Every feature under the sun : This cannot be stressed enough. Hence I’ve mentioned it again. Every conceivable feature that you could think of can be implemented on your chosen website with chosen theme. This is to say a lot. From your own eCommerce store, to a full-blown blog, or your own social network, now you are only limited by your imagination.
4. SEO Friendly : All this and you can’t be seen on Google? What is the point of it all then. Fortunately, MakeAnySite utilizes a very SEO friendly
website code structure, that makes it unmissable to be indexed by all major search engines. And what this means is that you require minimum efforts on your part to outrank your competitors and reach your customers first, which is basically all that matters in today’s online world.
So what are you waiting for. Check out all that MakeAnySite has to offer at www.makeanysite.com!